Figure 5.

Distribution of cell diameters in parental sensitive, multidrug resistant and transferred MCF-7 populations. The histograms correspond to cell diameters in quadrants Q1 (CellTracker Blue positive cells, left), Q4 (UIC2 positive cells, middle) and Q2 (double positive cells, right) of Figure 4. Quantitative values give cells volumes of 1984 ± 51 μm3 for parental sensitive MCF-7, 1776 ± 41 μm3 for multidrug resistant MCF-7/Doxo and 2398 ± 39 μm3 for transferred MCF-7 (mean ± coefficient of variation).

Pasquier et al. Biology Direct 2011 6:5   doi:10.1186/1745-6150-6-5
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